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Let's begin with some
truth juice

We've been manipulated for years about what makes us happy and the way we should be living our lives. 
Our society puts a super high value on things like productivity and how productive we are is what defines us as human beings and that success only looks a certain way.

Have you fallen for the trap of thinking that having stuff and that a certain way of living will make you happy?

Have you lived your life so far feeling like you've been dictated to what it "should" look like and that what other people think matters more than what you do?

Do you feel like you're just being on autopilot and living on a hamster wheel?

🙋🏻‍♀️[ raises hand] 

I was living my life on autopilot and in dull monochrome thinking that success had to look a particular way, that having lots of stuff and working myself into the ground would make me happy. I was feeling stressed and consumed with always doing, focusing too much on the next thing and never really slowing down because I felt that's what I was supposed to do and if I lived that way I would be happy. Hard No! All that stuff actually had the opposite effect and I found myself less happy. Instead I was fuelled by social comparison, imposter syndrome, self doubt and overwhelm (to name but a few).

We've been told that listening to our needs, following our true desires and that making time for ourselves is lazy and not productive. We've been told that living a happy and joyful life only comes with a shed ton of sacrifice, becoming a human do-ing and let's be honest, losing yourself in the process. 

You are not alone. I was exactly the same.

Enough is enough and this has got to change.
It's time for a rebellion!

Get to know me

I'm here to help you bring your heart and mind together so you can discover your true happiness and live more of it in your everyday and beyond. I'm here to help you quit the should life and experience your good life.

Packed with a Mary Poppins bag of scientifically supported happiness strategies, life coaching tools and positive psychology processes let's get your journey started shall we?

hi, I'm Maxine

Happiness adventurer
for joyful rebels



Virtual Workshops


"Maxine has been a huge support to me over the last couple of months during a real period of turmoil and change. Maxine has a really calm & nurturing approach during our calls, creating a safe space for me to open myself up to some big decisions. Her reassurance and guidance has helped me to realise that I deserve to put myself first."

Her guidance has helped me to realise that I deserve to put myself first.


"I have just had a session with Maxine and OMG! She is amazing. She is so warm and caring and just wants to help you get your best life on track quicker than doing it on your own. I felt I could share lots in confidence and came away feeling happy and relieved I could chat in a safe space without being judged. Thank you Maxine. You really are a saint!"

She helps you get your best life on track quicker than doing it on your own


"Since working with Max, she has helped me to get crystal clear on some key areas in my life. I have started taking some meaningful action, all while having fun and connecting with important people around me. From sitting and being with my children, going shopping for food at Sainsbury's, cooking healthy food, working out. It's been so fun and I have never felt more excited and invigorated."

I have never felt more excited and invigorated.

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