What are boundaries and why are they important?

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Setting boundaries is an important part of establishing who you are, which as you know flows down into everything and informs and shapes how you live your life. They are also crucial for your mental health and your well-being. 

But what are boundaries?

When you hear the word boundaries, what do you think of?

An imaginary line between you and others? A wall? A barrier?

Quite often in society we can think of boundaries as stopping things coming in, but they often enable us to let things out too.

Boundaries are there to protect us, they can be physical and emotional, they can be boundaries for ourselves and our actions/behaviours or habits or for other people. Boundaries will often have a negative connotation but actually they are very positive and can help you towards not only creating a healthier relationship with yourself and others but also for leading a happier life too.

Let me ask you some questions…

Do you find yourself feeling more stressed, more emotional and drained when you are saying yes too much?

Do you feel like you miss out on the things you love and that make you happy because your attention has been pulled into a million directions?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these then perhaps it’s time to think about your existing boundaries and whether they are still serving you or creating new ones.

What types of boundaries are there?

As I mentioned above boundaries can be physical or emotional and they can be anything from:
Personal Space
Activities and more

They can involve other people but also yourself. For example, are you finding that you’re becoming too available on social media with friends and family or even for work and having a boundary around this would really help?

Why is creating boundaries important?

When you don’t establish boundaries for yourself, be them emotional or physical, your body, your mind and your energy will feel the effects. This can then lead to burnout, resentment and more. All of which will have an impact on you living your life and especially on living the life you want for yourself. 

The lack of this protection for yourself means you can often miss out on the things, the people, the activities that matter most to you because you simply don’t have any bandwidth left.

As you know I am big advocate for helping you know how important you are, how worthy you are and how what you want for yourself matters…a lot!

I know how creating and implementing boundaries can be a challenge. When you try and introduce boundaries it can create other feelings too like guilt for focusing on yourself and selfishness for wanting to do something about it. I’ve felt those feelings many many times too and if you feel the guilt or selfish vibes rise something that has worked for me is thinking of it all as “me too”. Start there towards changing your mindset around investing in yourself. You’re not being selfish, you are protecting yourself and yourself matters.

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