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I used to be absolutely rubbish at celebrating.

If it was organising a celebration for someone else…I was on it, loved it. Going to a celebration for someone else I would be the last one on the dance floor and doing speeches. But when it came to celebrating myself and what I was doing….UH UH. That was simply not happening. This is why I wanted to write this blog post to share why celebrating yourself matters, why it’s important and how it helps not only you, but those around you as well.

So let’s kick things off with a little history as I share how I made a celebratory u-turn when it came to self celebration.

For those of you who don’t know my full story, we may have only got to know each other recently or this might be your first visit to my blog ever, the lack of self celebration really hit home for me when I started my first business.

In 2016 I decided to launch my own marketing business (ooh yes another fun fact in a previous life I was a digital marketer with 12+ years experience in her wings). No one knew at the time that I was launching a business other than my husband and two best pals and so when I did press that all important GO LIVE button no one really knew about it and I didn’t celebrate it.

Er…hello, what is wrong with this picture?

I took a massive leap and launched my very own business and yet didn’t celebrate it? What was I thinking?

Well I knew exactly what I was thinking at the time. I thought it’s only a little thing, it’s not important. I was thinking what if I celebrate and it fails and then I’d made a big hoo-ha about celebrating it. I was thinking well no one knows anyway so what’s the point.

Obviously this started a slippery slope of not celebrating in my business. It also made me very aware how much other stuff I downplayed, things that I’d worked hard on and achieved and yet simply didn’t celebrate them. Also, what about celebrating smaller things to like managing to grow a human and keep them alive for their first year – that was pretty huge, I definitely deserved a high five or some kind of massage.

So many times I was consumed by stuff and not really taking a step back and appreciating what I had done and certainly not celebrating it. Things need to change.

This is where we jump in our timeline to 2019 – two years after being self employed in my marketing biz and two years of realising I am not celebrating myself. I started to discover through conversations that other biz buddies we’re doing exactly the same. I decided to start a celebration revolution and this is when things changed for me.
Coupled with the MAHOOSIVE personal journey I was going on in regards to my life and happiness I decided to start celebrating. I started small by making a note of great things that were happening and how I felt about them and then planned how I would celebrate them. It was this that inspired me to launch my small biz big moments milestone cards too, to help other biz owners celebrate themselves and build a treasure trove of memories to look at how far they’ve come and really own how amazing they are. This is why I am so passionate about celebration, what it means and what it can do for you!

What is celebration?

Collin’s Dictionary gives us two meanings:

A celebration is a special enjoyable event that people organise because something pleasant has happened or because it is someone’s birthday or anniversary.


The celebration of something is praise and appreciation which is given to it.

I really like number two in particular because of the word appreciation.

When you look back you have probably more actively taken part or taken lead on celebrating others – be it birthdays, new jobs, births etc and unless someone else makes a point and raises a glass to you, you might not even acknowledge yourself, your own celebrations.

Self Celebration is super important and not just about the things you do, your achievements but about who you are, as beings.

When you celebrate it helps to:
– Build your resilience.
– Power your brain with positive emotions.
– Affirms to yourself that you matter too.

The act of celebration is empowering and it helps you to recognise who you are as well as what you’re doing.

I mentioned that I was in a trap of always looking at the next thing, I was living in an “always doing” existence. The conditioning that if you are always doing you are showing your value right? Your contribution. But you weren’t actually designed to be like that, not in that way and the work that you can commit to, to change that, and it is work, is actually trying to get you back to the real simple things in life, the way you are truly mean to be – You are a human be-ing after all.

The power of celebration is that you are celebrating your NOW, you in that moment, you in your greatness, you are appreciating you!

Time to get the science happening!

I mentioned earlier that when you celebrate it helps your brains power positive emotion and it does. When you celebrate it is known to cause the release of Dopamine in your brain. This is a near transmitter that is responsible for Concentration, Focus and Motivation.
Think how much you can benefit when you have those three things working with you?

When you feel in control and can concentrate, whether that’s on being in the moment, being with your kids, while you are doing a certain activity or in your business.

How often does your focus need a boost?

I don’t know about you but during homeschooling my focus was all over the shop, pulled in so many directions.

And motivation – mojo – who’s Mojo needs a boost at the moment?

Celebration can help us with all those things.

And while it rises that up it also helps to lower your cortisol levels. This is your stress hormone and when these levels are too high, they can inhibit your learning, increase your anxiety and of course your stress levels.

Too high of any chemical in the body is not a good thing, it’s about the right amount. The frequent highs of stress levels can cause pathways in your brain to hardwire and create that vicious cycle known as fight or flight.

I’ve talked about self celebration and the empowerment of that but also celebration as a whole matters too.

Share the celebration love with others

We are social beings, we love conversations, we love touch, contact and all the stimuli that comes with it.

So talking about your celebrations with others creates those super feel good chemicals of Oxytocin, known as the love/hug hormone and Endorphins, which you can experience through exercise.

When these two are released it helps your well-being, brings you into a safe space and it’s then that it helps you face life challenges, of which there are plenty as we all know.

When you cheer for others and celebrate others you also experience a release of Serotonin which helps with our mindset.

Plus one of the keys to living a happier life is social connection and the connection you can build through celebrating others, cheering others on and showing appreciation for each other will boost your happiness levels too.

So, how about we start nourishing ourselves with more of the good stuff?
Who’s with me?

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