In the Summer of 2019 I started my personal quest to re-discover me, Maxine, and what I was about. I started taking some courses in happiness and life coaching, which then lead me to retraining in a Happiness Life Coaching certification, Life Coaching certification and achieving distinction in my Positive Psychology diploma. 

For everything I was learning I was putting into practice and I started to see the transformation in myself.

I started to witness that I was coming home to myself in the best possible way. I decided that I wanted to help others, others who are feeling exactly like I was, are scared about valuing themselves in this way and finally want to say "me too" when it comes to their lives. 

I didn't choose Happiness and Joy for my coaching because I believe you must be happy 24/7, 365 to led a fulfilling, joyful and purposeful life. I'm not about toxic positivity or suppressing other feelings or emotions by slapping a happy sticker on top. 

What I am about is helping you explore everything that matters to you in your life. Providing a help hand while you navigate all the feels and emotions that will help you be intentional and take action towards living your most happiest and joyful life - the way you want it to be. The way that feels right for you and always, always letting you know that you are worthy of this life, you are deserving and that you matter.

In 2014 I became a mum to a beautiful little girl called Ava. Having this little girl gave me another new identity - "mum". A whole new world I didn't know anything about but was soon going to find out. Becoming a mum taught me so many things, but it also triggered a lot of things for me - and who I was being one of them. 

In 2016 I started my own business using my 12+ years of Digital Marketing experience. I had never taken a leap like that before of leaving the safety net of a corporate job into a self employed world. 

Making this transition threw up so much stuff for me. I found myself in burn out trying to juggle working for myself and our family. I allowed myself to get so invested in self doubt, procrastination, fear and negative thinking. I felt like I had completely lost my way and if you asked me at that point what brought me joy? What made me happy? I couldn't tell you.
I didn't want it to be like that and I knew I'd reached my enough point.

Hello you,

Thanks for VISITING HERE. I thought I'd start things off by sharing a bit about my story and how I chose to become a happiness coach.

What happened next?

You are wonderful. You are passionate, you care, you work hard and you always put others above yourself.

I see you and I hear you. 

You are at a point in your life where you're not feeling that happy about stuff. It's okay, I know it can be a big step to admit that to yourself never mind anyone else. But I'm pleased you have and I am so glad you are here.

You have so much power inside to live the happier, more joyful and meaningful life that you want for yourself but it's getting stuck.

It's getting tripped up by years of stories, negative thinking, external influences. It's getting blocked by "shoulds" and guilt and a feeling that it's selfish to invest in yourself this way. I understand because I felt that way too. 

But you have choice.

You have the power to change all of this and get to where you want to be. The first step is choosing yourself and knowing, deep down knowing that choosing to shine a light on yourself, invest and focus on you is A-OKAY, because it really is. 

Feeling more motivated, feeling freer, feeling more positive, feeling content and still. To appreciate the life around you and the things you have done. To feel inner peace and owning who you are - this is all possible for you.

Your time is now.

Now my lovely, let's talk about you

Fun facts
about me

Being by the sea is my ultimate favourite place to be!

🎞 I am a HUGE film fan. Proper geek. I used to have a film blog for 6 years. Two of my ultimate favs are Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing.

💃🏼 Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. I love being out with my friends, hearing a familiar and much loved tune and just letting loose.

🖌 I've always been the creative and arty type. I wanted to be a Disney Animator when I was 8 and still draw and doodle Disney to this day. I used some of my doodles on this website. 

📚 Self confessed stationery addict. Going into a shop filled with planners, calendars, notebooks and pens feels like heaven. 

A self confessed happiness adventurer who has got a whole host of scientifically supported happiness strategies, life coaching exercises and positive psychology processes in her Mary Poppins bag.

You want someone who is going to help you stretch and yet feel held every step of the way while you make the changes you want and working towards your intentions.

Desire accountability, support and encouragement to help you feel and stay motivated and clear on the actions you want to make and take.

An explorer who is going to ask the right questions to help you unlock the answers - think of me like Indiana Jones but with a bright jumper and a smile (and no whip).

You want a listener who provides you with the space to talk.

I'm the coach
for you if...


"You know those days where your hair behaves, the children willingly brush their teeth and the traffic lights go green? Well, that's what my session with Maxine felt like.
Maxine helped me plan how I was going to implement my solutions in real terms. Simple things like setting and sticking to "Out of office" time and eating meals with my family.
Her down-to-earth nature and caring approach is a winning combination."

Afterwards, I was empowered, positive and confident in my ability to make changes.


"Our sessions were a highlight of my week and I always looked forward to chatting to Max. She made me feel very comfortable with difficult subjects, gave me time to think around my words and knew exactly when to interject with questions to help guide me to the conclusion. I also enjoyed the practical exercises that helped with imposter syndrome and self-doubt."

Trust me, you totally want Maxine in your corner. She is a total gem.


Maxine helped me to clear my head, speak honestly and openly, and find the focus I have desperately needed in a world where the to do lists are endless and time constantly disappears. I immediately pin pointed key areas to work on and as if by magic, Maxine helped me find the answers.
Maxine's positive energy, unwavering passion and vibrant personality is infectious, and exactly what I needed!" 

A huge weight was lifted, my goals were crystal clear & laughably achievable. 

my family (minus the cats, dog & the snake) - fab photo taken by Heritage and Holland

Here's a snap shot of what's in my happiness manifesto

Can't beat sitting down with a nice Tetley, Yorkshire or even a Red Label tea. I really don't mind which brand but holding a warm cuppa, being still or powering me up for the day head really does the trick.

Tea is the one for me

I mentioned above how I love being by the sea and I feel such joy from being in Greece. My husband and I got married in Greece because we love the country so much and the food, obvs!
The seas there are crystal blue and you feel all the weight of the world float away.

The beaches in greece

Laughing is such a wonderful thing and I've definitely experienced more laughter as our daughter started getting older. She comes out with some corkers of wise words and it lights me right up.

Good laughs

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