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Allow yourselves time to adjust slowly Your being at home experience may have changed…again. Whether you’re a parent who’s used to planning your day between the school runs or you’re used to working away from home, splitting up your day with other activities or having an emptier space – change has happened. This can be […]

Life is busy, it feels hectic and there is always something to do. As a Happiness Coach I like to help you break away from this cycle of hamster wheel and rat race because, and I’ll let you in on a little secret here, come closer… It doesn’t have to be like that. Your life […]

First up, what is FOMO? FOMO is the acronym given to “Fear of Missing Out”. It’s an unsettling feeling that you’re being left out or missing out on something that other people you know are doing, know about or have. FOMO can bring anxiety, guilt and make us feel like we’ve got to do all […]

Are you a human do-ing? Are you constantly thinking about the next thing you “need” or “should” be doing? Are you spending most of your time in a state of busyness? Even when you have five minutes downtime are you trying to fill it with more and more stuff to do? You’re a human do-ing. […]

Okay so we know that Christmas IS going to be different this year in lots of ways so how can we navigate a different kind of Christmas in 2020? I’m sharing my tips below on how you can make this happen. What do you want for Christmas? Take some moments to think about what You […]

Image showing christmas background and reading the words 7 tips for having the christmas you want in 2020

Are you feeling like your phone is becoming too much? Like it’s taking over a bit and you’re getting more and more absorbed in being on it? If so, one, you’re not alone. There are more and more studies and researching happening around phone addiction and digital detoxing. There are programmes talking about Social Media […]

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