Celebrate the magic moments in your business

Running a small business is truly an adventure. Every day brings it’s own joys and challenges and behind the scenes of all of it is YOU!

Being a small business owner means we can often get so caught up in the running of our business that we forget about all the great things that happen. Those magic moments of launching something, hitting a goal we’ve set ourselves or getting out and meeting someone in real life, some biz buddies perhaps Sometimes, we just let these moments pass us by.

Well no more!

These moments deserve to be celebrated and shouted about. YOU deserve to be celebrated. Small Biz Big Moments is here to encourage that celebration, helping you shout out loud and proud about the moments in your business, the good stuff, no wait the great stuff that is happening for you. Every moment recorded, celebrated and treasured.

Each card has a bright design moment on the front and space on the back to log all the important details about it so that you can build a collection of treasured memories but most of all celebrate them!

These cards aren’t here to determine if and when you experience these moments.
Their job is to hold you accountable to celebrating when you do!

You can be on any stage throughout your journey and experience a moment, perhaps you’d like to look back and make a collection or maybe you’re just starting up and want to celebrate from the get go.

The Big Moment cards are perfect for gifts. - either for yourself, a biz buddy or perhaps clients.

Let's get Celebrating

The Big Moments Cards are here to help you record your magic moments in your small biz journey and to make sure you never let one pass you by again, it's time to shout about them from the rooftops, to celebrate yourself and create a collection of recorded moments for you to treasure and always look back on how far you've come. 

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These packs for service based business feature moments like:
Launching your website
❤️ Opening a Business Bank Account
❤️ Booking your first client
❤️ Saying No 
❤️ Starting my own podcast and more.

These packs for product based business feature moments like:
Moments like:
⭐️ Featuring in a Gift Guide
⭐️ Hitting 50 sales
⭐️ Joining an online market place
⭐️ Going to a Trade Show and more.

Each pack contains 40 cards and the cards are A6 size - 105mm x 148mm



Small Biz Love

Caption & Content Writer

"It's important to nurture yourself as part of your business journey. One of the best vitamins is self-appreciation and each step deserves a shout out. This stack of victory cheer by Maxine is a wonderful way to cheer you every step of the way.I bought this as a present for myself for starting my business. Love it! Good quality cards, friendly customer service."

wonderful way to cheer you every step of the way


"These cards are so cute!
Perfect for documenting
your business journey 
and great for sharing on 
social media. 
Great for new or established 

Perfect for documenting
your business journey

 GRAPHIC designer

"These cards are beautiful & I love the back where you can fill in all the details. There are lots to choose from as well which is fab! Can't wait to use them and show them off!"


My Small Biz Journey

I’m so thrilled to have you here. First up if no one has told you lately…you are doing a brilliant job. Having and running your own business is a very big deal, it’s a leap, a lot of work and despite what social media may show sometimes – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. However, and that is a very big however, it is a super rewarding experience.

When you choose to follow your passion, turn it into a business, or use your skillset to run your own thing you are choosing a unique path for you. Thankfully you won’t be alone because the small biz world is buzzing with people just like you and I am one of them.

Welcome to the community my friend. Pull up a chair, make a tea – you have arrived!

In 2016 I launched my first business. I decided that I had had enough of working for someone else and I wanted something for me so I decided to use my 12+ years of digital marketing experience and launch my own business. I did on 31st Dec 2016. Fast forward 7 months and I made another big decision. I chose to leave my corporate job and the employed world behind and go full time on my business. It was scary as hell. Do I regret it? Not for a second.

But how does that lead me here? To chief celebration officer of Small Biz Big Moments and Happiness Coach?

Well, in 2019 after nearly two years of being self employed I had learnt a lot about myself and about running a business. The key discovery for me what that I did not celebrate enough. No where near. I had so much amazing stuff happening and I’m not just talking about the big things I’m talking about opening my business bank account, meeting someone in real life that I’ve only chatted to in DM’s, even writing a guest blog post for someone. All these amazing moments that I just let completely pass me by.

I get it. When you’re a business owner you spend a lot of time in your business – making sure the day to day stuff is happening. It’s very easy to let celebration and acknowledging all the things you’ve done to just not happen.

Well not anymore.

We’re not going to put those moments at the bottom any longer. It’s time things changed.

After speaking to a lot of business pals of mine I realised I was not alone in the not celebrating camp and this sparked an idea. Something to help fellow small business owners celebrate. Something to help them show people what they’ve done, stand tall, shout out and feel super proud.

Small Biz Big Moments was born.

I am so thrilled to have created these cards and seeing all the small biz owners use them and share them on their journey is just the best feeling in the world.

So, my fellow Small Biz Wonder. If you are wanting to celebrate the amazing things in your business more. Created a treasure trove of amazing moments and memories then you are in the right place.


Small Biz Love

doing it for the kids



"Maxine's milestone cards are like a big, warm hug but in
paper form! 
Cheering you on and making
sure that you recognise all of 
your achievements - no matter how big or small."

"These beautiful cards have really helped me see the things I'm achieving in my business as milestones worth celebrating. We all need to take some time to recognise our moments of brilliance."

"Not only did my cards arrive
promptly, they're beautifully wrapped and look fabulous!
I ordered them for a friend who's just starting her small biz journey."

they're beautifully wrapped and look fabulous!

LIke a warm hug in paper form

We all need to recognise our  brilliance

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