You know what I’m talking about.
The thing that’s always ALWAYS on the list.

Sometimes it starts at the top, when you’re feeling like YES, today is the day I will get it done.

But then soon it dwindles down because procrastination kicks in so you end up distracting yourself with something else, possibly scrolling 🤫, but then when you do that self doubt then kicks in. You’re watching what everyone else is doing and you feel frozen in your tracks.

The thing then swiftly goes down to the bottom again. It can wait for another day.

And before you know it, weeks have past and your writing it out everyday on a brand new to-do list.

Instead you’ll be saying hello to...

What if I said that you CAN get that thing done?

Once and for all.

No more avoiding it.
No more procrastination.
Bye bye doubt.

Feeling inspired.
Feeling invigorated.
Celebrating that you have GOT IT DONE!

This is what The Joy Pocket, helps you achieve.


"Thank you Maxine for such a great session today! Who knew one tiny habit could have so many opportunities for success! Your ability to help me untangle all the feelings, challenges and opportunities around this was really eye opening. I feel really excited about this journey and my resistance has just melted away. Highly recommend anyone working with Maxine - genuinely engaged and passionate about her work and really good at it too! 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️."

I feel really excited about this journey and my resistance has just melted away.

What "Things" could we focus on?

This session is designed to be laser focused on one specific thing and below are some examples of what we could cover together.

Formulating a plan for your week - so that you go from feeling frazzled and overwhelmed to in control and calm.

Creating a new habit or routine - this could be exercise, drinking water, getting out the house everyday. 

Breaking up with your phone - yep they're addictive and you're starting to feel like it's taking over too much.

Talk through an idea or gain clarity - it's been whirling in your mind for too long and you're unsure where to go next.

the decision is yours!

This is perfect
for you if...

During The Joy Pocket I bring a harmony of approaches to help you - coaching, strategy and consulting. As I said I want you to end this session with your thing done so that it's no longer reappearing on your to-do list and that you feel happier, motivated, lighter, calmer and cracking on with your life!

You have one specific issue you want to focus on.

You know you're not getting your "thing" done by trying to do it alone and you now know you need support, someone to ask the right questions and help you get where you want to be and want to achieve. 

Meet Lauren


Here's how it works

Decide what one specific thing you would like to cover, click the button to select the date and time. You will also have a questionnaire to complete so we're ready for the session.

pick your focus & book your session


We will then have our 90 minute virtual session together to work on what you've chosen. 

90 mins


If you would like some extra support following your session for accountability and encouragement then you can choose to add 7 days of Voxer to your pocket. 



Book your joy pocket



The 90 minute Joy Pocket session
on its own.

The 90 minute Joy Pocket session
PLUS 7 Days of Voxer support

(let's do this 💪🏻)
Select and book from the below options

Book This Pocket

Book This Pocket

What's Voxer?

Voxer is a messaging app, much like Whatsapp so if you use this then you'll love Voxer. 

You can share voice notes with me, uploads and texts and they all stay safe within our conversation. You don't even need to share your mobile number with me. You download the app, create your user profile, find me and you're ready to go. 

I know that working on something can really benefit from extra encouragement and accountability. We can need help with implementation, for staying motivated and focused. This is why you can choose to have 7 days of support from me via Voxer to follow your session. I will be there to check in, virtually hold your hand and let you know that you can do it!

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